Rambo Merkin Ep4 – The Hoodrat Midget Toss

March. 16, 2012

On the show:

The guys overview the “retaliation” from their last show, Rambo Merkin features The OddCast featuring Rambo Merkin featuring the OddCast. even-for-retards obvious, bleaching buttholes, The Real Merkins of New York, and tossing midget actors.


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Show Notes

The Oddcast show featuring Rambo Merkin featuring Oddcast

Merkin Of The Week Award

 High Class Merkins


Midget Tossed



Weavy’s Nerd Party Plus


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Rambo Merkin Ep3 – Our Retarded Has Been Found

Jan. 13, 2012

On the show:

Karen joins the show, showing your P in a G-film, gonorrhea stigmatas, herpetic somethings on the corneas, shitsterbating, pushing rope, writing your name in semen, 21 Chromo”zones”, Where’s your retarded?

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Rambo Merkin Ep2 – It’s Not Gay To Receive Anal

Jan. 5, 2012

On the show:

Porn for the blind, CigUUrettes, gay illiterates, blowing yourself, Carly c(le)arly loves Twilight, and many many Hoodrat things.

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(Audio quality has since been fixed.  Sorry guys)

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Merkin Of The Week Award

Woman Calls 911 for Eating too much

Jonah Mowry

Jonah Mowry Youtube Video

Jonah Mowry News Appearance

Jonah Mowry followup youtube



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Rambo Merkin Ep1 – First Blood

Dec. 11, 2011

On the first show:

Gay Intros, Lady Gaga’s cancer wish, merkipedia, covert Rambo, history of the pubic wig, covertiousness, and Carly and Kenny get racist…..very racist.

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Burning Man Merkin

Burning Man Merkin


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